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manifest this.

Shoot north toward the northern rivers for a spiritual awakening, fall short and find solitude on Palmers Island, the home of Summi Summi.

It’s here founder Ash Vallis does her greatest manifesting.. not with meditation or witchy rituals but simply her belief in the universe delivering the goods. 

Hard work is over rated. Take a leaf out of Summi Summi’s less, way less and manifest more, way more.

This collection will have you dreaming up your best life with moody colour combos, hand painted prints featuring secret sigils, celestial dreams, elevated motifs and of course a homage to palmers island where dreams really do come true.

Wait for a full moon in retrograde and heat yourself a raw cacao in your backwards running microwave, journal your greatest desires and wallah! 

Think, believe and receive our friends.

You’re welcome.



A state of saudade, melting from warm rays, longing for lost love.

Sail away to the tranquil sands of Sicily in this thoughtfully curated selection of statement pieces.

Audacious shapes drenched in perennial colours, hand dipped ombré fabrics & hand painted prints evoke a sense of sublime.

This eclectic collection showcases our signature ribbed cotton, a smooth linen rayon blend & the lux addition of silk.

San State boasts to possess all your sabbatical needs from terry towelling robes to our latest revolution, shimmery lycra swimwear.



When life gives you lemons, squish them into your duffle with your latest Summi Summi & escape seaside!

This collection features punchy block colour ways, bold statement prints & hand painted motifs.

Watch the days float away as you sip on an G&Ts, absently turning the pages of the #1 New York Times best seller ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck’. Remember, all you truly need to be happy, is a bag full of Summi! O & snacks..Send snacks!



Born in the fire of paradise, this collection will have you on the run, away from the bright lights.

Escape to golden waves by the shore, embrace the burn of your twin flame, freeze time, rewind.

Featuring our infamous block colours with a lean to the darkside complete with hand drawn original motifs, be branded by Summi Summi and free your inner baddi.




It all started with a stripe, and a longing for the west coast of LA. 

A mindfully crafted trans seasonal collection in an array of luxe fabrics featuring bold prints, stunning colourways and form flattering shapes. 

This collection will have you packing up the cadillac to hit that long strip of highway with your ride or dies! 

An unparalleled opportunity to dip into slow days soaking up the coastline coupled with wild nights under the scorpion moon, dancing up a storm in dusty boots & throwing down mezcal..all we can say is, Good Luck!



It all started with a stripe, and a longing for the west coast of LA and so it was only fitting we gathered our Aussie A-team to jet set over to the states to shoot this campaign!



This collection featured a custom handpainted print by Summi Summi founder, Ash Vallis and her partner, Mister Hadimi! The campaign was shot in Bali while on their family holiday!