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Welcome Mamas of all shapes and forms. New mums, old mums, young mums, grandmothers, step mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, foster mothers. Here is a blog for the real mums, the ‘bad mums’- the truth tellers.
Let’s cut the crap and tell it how it is. Sometimes what we really need to hear is that its totally normal to lock the door to the bathroom and cry on the floor. The internet is full of ‘perfect’ mothers who appear to have it all under control in their spotless homes while running their successful business in between cooking beautiful organic meals. That’s great no doubt- but what I think is lacking in this cyber land that connects us all is a bit of truth. So lets shake it up a bit.
I’ll be bringing you interviews of real life mamas who are relatable, who have just had their second (third?) glass of wine for the day, who just cooked cheese on toast because their toddler didn’t want a bar of their steamed veggies, who didn’t have the perfect birth, who struggled with PND, who feels a little bit lost in life, who lets the kids watch Peppa pig at the table just for some peace. 
Let’s have a laugh at each other because let’s be honest, we’ve all hit the kids head  trying to get it into the car seat. 



So glad this is back !


Such a fantastic idea!! Definitely can relate to this!

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