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Welcome to our unpolished approach to what the world has come to recognise as a 'Blog'.. with everyone appearing to display the very best highlights & picturesque corners of their lives we prefer to look into the messy & sometimes embarrassing crevices of our creative muses.


We hope to use this space to feature & capture a more realistic & down-to-earth insight into the surroundings of interesting humans!


This week we Meet Tarley.. Summi Summi's main muse & content creator!  


Tell us, what get’s you up in the morning?

My 3 year old usually pokes me in the face about 5am. But then it’s the thought of that sweet sweet morning caffeine hit! 


What are your hand bag essentials?

I am a blistex-aholic so I have to carry a pot of lip balm, always. Then aside from all the kids snacks, water bottles and baby wipes, I’ll always chuck in my iPhone, my fave ginger pop blush by Clinique and some yummy ssaint perfume. 

Do you fold, hang, scrunch or hide your clothes?

A mixture of all four!  

Best tip for piecing together an outfit?

Dress for yourself! And not for anyone else. 

Favourite possession?

My kids! And maybe my book collection. I’ve just gotten Ashleigh into reading and we’ve started a book club haha. 


You seem super confident & comfortable in your own skin.. have you always embodied this? 

I’ve definitely been lucky to have always felt pretty comfortable in my own skin. Not to say I haven’t had seasons of life where I haven’t felt great - I still struggle with bad skin from time to time and have done since I was a teenager, and the pregnancy journey has been REAL having to basically get to know a different body about 10 times over. 

But I’ve always felt like it’s the most beautiful thing when people embrace their uniqueness, their pimples, their wrinkles, their stretch marks, their softness, whatever it might be. So I just try my best to embrace myself as I am. Trying to reach the impossible beauty standards is a waste and I’d rather channel my energy into the fun stuff; the clothes, the shoes, the makeup, enhancing and highlighting the qualities I do like about myself. 


Being Summi Summi’s go to muse for showcasing our latest collections, what has been your all time favourite piece?

This is so hard! I might have to say the a line mini dress. It’s simple, classic, comfortable, cute on its own but also a great layering piece. I’ll be wearing mine for years to come!



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