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Welcome to our unpolished approach to what the world has come to recognise as a 'Blog'.. with everyone appearing to display the very best highlights & picturesque corners of their lives we prefer to look into the messy & sometimes embarrassing crevices of our creative muses.


We hope to use this space to feature & capture a more realistic & down-to-earth insight into the surroundings of interesting humans!


This week we ransack Ash Vallis's private compartments for a sneaky insight into the workings & makings of Summi Summi’s Founder & Creative Director.


What would we find if we looked in your car glove box today?

You'd find the car manual and a bunch of important papers that probably shouldn't be there and some dirty tissues.


Tell us 5 items in your hand bag right now

My passport, my next invisalign retainers, one sockette, a wad of cash , an empty packet of fishermans friends.

CONTENTS of ASH VALLIS handbag including passport, fishermans friends, socket, vida glow & wrappers 

What was sitting on your bedside table last night

An empty glass of red wine, a drawing from my daughter + the remote control to the fan.

 Messy bedside table, red wine glass, kids drawing, floss & lotion

Content of the last sent text msg or email

My dad asked me If i wanted anything from the shops and I said no thanks.


List all the items currently on your desk

Green Smoothie, phone, two printers, a  to do list, bunch of papers.
Green smoothie, vida glow, image of Summi Summi Founder Ash Vallis, priority travel card


What was the last handwritten note you wrote + what did it say?

My last note was written to our cleaner and it said:
Can you please ignore the kids bedroom this week and clean the windows + bi-fold doors instead, Thank You.


What pieces are available for easy access in your wardrobe (or on your floor from repeated wear) ? 

On repeat is my Apple linen LS Oversized shirt , its so easy to throw on and go, and also all the colourways of the new linen skort. I love that it give the appearance of being really short which makes your legs look super long , but its shorts at the back so you don't flash anyone !


Selfie of Ash wearing Summi Summi Apple Linen Oversized Shirt and Apple Linen SkortSHOP

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